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Lams starting out doing window tinting and it is what we do best. We dare you to find a better deal in town. We use one piece to tint the back window of any automobile so there are no visible lines. We have 4 full time tint specialist and of course Lam himself will breakout the razor if there is a lot of extra work. We typically need between 45 minutes to an hour to tint a vehicle. Just remember that you can't roll down your window for 3 days after the process, this allows the glue enough time to bond to the window and prevents bubbles in the tint.  

Tinting offers many benefits including privacy & UV protection. Uncomfortable heat, distracting glare can ruin any road trip. After a period of time your interior may fade as well due to excess UV rays. Look cool and feel even cooler with our pre cut kits.

You have your choice of tint shades, we offer 05%, 20%, 35%, 50% as seen on the picture below. Shades can also be mixed , for example, you could choose to have 5% for the rear windows and rear back glass and have 50% for the front windows.


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